Jonáš Svatoš


Although being mainly a programmer, I'm constantly trying to explore posibilities of various media to express myself, including moving image, code-art, photography, live performance, theatre, instalation.

I graduated from the Center for audiovisual studies at FAMU in Prague.

I take part in experimental theater performances, either as a creator of software systems and electronic devices, or as author of visuals, mainly within theater group Handa Gote research and development.

I also work with generative visuals and algorithmic musical composition within live-coding group k-o-l-e-k-t-i-v.

I used to do a lot of VJing as a part of MANDALA sound-system.

Currently, I work as Section Manager of Audiovisual Collections at Národní filmový archiv, Prague.

Also, I am co-owner of winemaking business Vinařství Porta Bohemica, together with my father Aleš Svatoš.